Handclaps 1.1.0: Vertical video and other changes

Handclaps 1.1.0: Vertical video and other changes

Handclaps 1.1.0 helps you post your beats to more platforms and helps you create better beat videos.

Impress those rappers? Easy!

IG Stories, IG Reels, YT Shorts, TikTok

With Handclaps, you can now create videos for:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok

It’s easy as fuck, with the click of a button:

Insta Stories

The new Instagram Story videos are fire. 🔥

Other producers don’t use this format much yet to promote their beats. Be one of the first!

Instagram Reels

If you want your beats to be seen by lots of people, hop onto Insta’s TikTok clone: Instagram Reels. Instagram will play your beats to people who have never heard of you before.

Funk Seoul Brother Beats easily got 3,000 views on each of his first two IG Reels videos that he made with Handclaps. At that time, he had 83 followers. That’s 36x more views than followers.

This format is lit. 🔥

YouTube Shorts

Like Reels, YouTube Shorts will play your beat videos to lots of people who have never heard of you before. There’s no easier way to be discovered.

It’s a vertical video format and optimized for phones — just like TikTok and Reels.

Gnasty Music recently posted about how Shorts blew up his YouTube channel:

Gnasty Music on Instagram: “All this growth is due to YouTube #shorts ! You can still put out your regular videos, but also do a #shorts version!”

He recommends creating Shorts videos for all of your beats while still putting out your regular YouTube videos.


The OG of the mobile vertical video hype. TikTok gets your videos seen by lots of people and the better they are, the more people will see them.

The videos look the same as on YT Shorts and IG Reels, so no new examples here.

Does it work? Hell yeah, it does! Gnasty Music posted about his TikTok success recently:

When you get more likes on tiktok in one day then any of your IG posts from the last 3 months #producerlife

Who wouldn’t want that? 😉

Other improvements

Handclaps will help you make sure that you create high quality videos. It will now warn you if the resolution of your background image is smaller than the video resolution.

File selection is now more convenient. Handclaps will remember where you save your beat and image files, and it will open its file picker right there.

Apart from that, the video type toggle has received a redesign, making it easier to use.


Big thanks to Funk Seoul Brother Beats for his help in experimenting with the different video formats and for his helpful suggestions on improving Handclaps! 🙏

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