Handclaps 1.3.0: Visualizer improvements

Handclaps 1.3.0: Visualizer improvements

Your visualizers will be more fluid, balanced and reactive with the newest release of the Handclaps Beat Video Maker. The release also fixes a couple of bugs on Windows and macOS.

Visualizer improvements

To make your beats look even better, the focus of this release has been to improve the visualizer:

  • The visualizer now reacts equally well to the bass and the trebles in your beats, making the spectrum feel more balanced.
  • The visualizer animation reacts a lot better to quiet beats and quiet passages in beats.
  • There is a lot more movement in the frequency spectrum in general.
  • The whole visualizer feels smoother and the movement feels more fluid.

I cannot overstate how much more fun it is to watch beat videos after these changes. You’ll notice that, too, once you make your first beat video with Handclaps 1.3.0.

To visualize these changes, here’s a demo video with beats by DONE, Chris Porter and Oli Aveline:

Fixed a Windows audio bug

Handclaps 1.3.0 fixes a nasty Windows audio bug that caused a scratch noise to appear in some beat videos. This issue was caused by a bug in Windows itself (not in Handclaps!).

Nevertheless, this problem has been resolved in Handclaps 1.3.0. Fixing it was important to me because it didn’t align with my goal of providing you with the best audio quality possible.

Support for macOS 12 Monterey

Handclaps Beat Video Maker running on macOS 12 Monterey

This release adds official support for macOS 12 Monterey.

Sharp and crisp on high-resolution Macs

Handclaps now looks sharp and crisp on Macs with high-resolution Retina screens. In the past, application windows could look slightly pixelated. This has been resolved.

Further improvements

Handclaps has been optimized to start more quickly.

Additionally, the size of the Mac version has been reduced by 62%. It now takes up only 38% of the disk space required by the previous release.


I couldn’t have released Handclaps 1.3.0 without the help of my users.

Thanks to the following producers for helping me with the visualizer improvements:

Your important insights, feedback and beats helped a lot in improving the visualizer!

Thanks to the following producers for helping me fix the Windows audio bug:

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