Handclaps 1.3.1: Update notifications

Handclaps 1.3.1: Update notifications

Handclaps 1.3.1 is a small update to improve your video creation experience. Nevertheless, its headline feature will make a big impact — update notifications.

Update notifications

Update notification of the Handclaps Beat Video Maker for rap and type beats

Handclaps 1.3.1 will check for new updates whenever it is launched and will let you install them if it finds any. Therefore, your beat videos will always look the best they can.

To get notifications about all future Handclaps updates, you need to update to 1.3.1 manually once.

To do so, open your purchase confirmation email from Gumroad and click the download button from that email. Then download and install Handclaps 1.3.1. You’ll be notified of all subsequent updates.

Download button in the Gumroad purchase confirmation email

(Depending on the date of purchase, your email might look slightly different.)

Simplified Instagram video formats

Instagram recently simplified its video formats. There’s no visible distinction between Instagram TV and Instagram video posts anymore. Both look the same and are now simply called “posts”.

Therefore, in Handclaps you can now select “Instagram Post” for your videos, no matter their length.

Selecting the Instagram type beat video formats in the Handclaps Beat Video Maker

The Instagram Reel and Instagram Story options still exist, of course.

It can also still be valuable to post shorter beat snippets to Instagram. Artists on Instagram aren’t always patient enough to listen through 15 second intros.

That said, Instagram’s changes are a great opportunity for beat makers to post their full beats.

Make beat videos with Handclaps today

Handclaps is the easiest way to make stunning beat videos and grow your fan base.

To get access to Handclaps 1.3.1 and all future updates, purchase it through the homepage today.