Handclaps Community Spotlight (December 2021)

Handclaps Community Spotlight (December 2021)

You gotta be amazed by the successes that some beat makers had with Handclaps in December. They reached amazing new heights with their beats, mostly on YouTube. Let’s check some of them out. 🔥

WaZabi sold his first beat

British producer WaZabi made his first beat sale this month. WaZabi was the first beat maker to ever try an alpha version of Handclaps. In May, he made a type beat and posted it to YouTube.

WaZabi played it really smart there. He picked the up-and-coming rapper Wam SpinThaBin for his type beat. Artists were searching for him but there weren’t many type beats yet. WaZabi made a great beat that rappers liked and thus ranked high in search results.

The beat has gained 12,011 views so far and attracted the attention of a bunch of artists, among them Florida rapper DaRealHbYg. DaRealHbYg soon reached out and bought WaZabi’s beat. DaRealHbYg then wrote a song and released a professional music video:

Here’s what WaZabi said about the experience:

It’s weird hearing your own beat as a full production. It gives me motivation to keep producing.

Let’s hope he lands many more hits like that!

ProdByMax reached 70k views

Dutch drill producer Max "ProdByMax" Bijker created his YouTube channel 3 months ago and started regularly uploading his UK drill type beats with Handclaps.

Within just 3 months, he has amassed 74,379 views and 435 subscribers. Of those views, 47,838 came from just one beat but his most recent beats have also been picking up steam.

Here’s the big one:

Saint Charles sold multiple beats

You might remember Saint Charles from last month’s Community Spotlight where he went from 1k monthly views to 63k within two weeks.

He has now sold two of his Sheff G type beats as he notes in their video descriptions.

To make it even more impressive, he added on 80k new views since the last community spotlight and is now sitting at 150k views total. 🤯

DONE had his first video with >1k views

German trap producer DONE had a beat video surpass 1k views for the first time.

His freestyle trap instrumental “Good Vibes” is now sitting at 1,405 views and they just seem to be going up continuously.

This is crazy, considering that he was averaging 30 views per beat video just three months ago.

Changing the format of the Community Spotlights

In the future, I will experiment with new formats of highlighting successes from our community.

This means that I will no longer be writing the monthly Community Spotlights as you’ve known them so far. Instead, I will venture into new formats that are even better suited for showing off your achievements.

Look out for these exciting changes and follow @handclapsapp on Instagram to be the first to know and the first to be featured.

Want to be a successful producer?

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