Win a copy of Handclaps in TRIFREEZE's producer contest

Win a copy of Handclaps in TRIFREEZE's producer contest

Producer and YouTuber TRIFREEZE celebrates 50k YouTube subscribers with a beat contest. Join for the chance to win a copy of Handclaps.


TRIFREEZE is a producer and YouTuber from the US who teaches music production and beat making. Fifty thousand other producers regularly follow his tips on YouTube and level up their beat making skills through his videos.

TRIFREEZE can teach you how to create beats that rappers will love, and he also creates a lot of amazing drum kits and loop kits that he posts for free on his YouTube channel. If you aren’t subscribed to TRIFREEZE yet, you should be!

What is the contest about?

TRIFREEZE just hit 50k subscribers on YouTube. He’s running a beat contest where you can win prizes worth $3500.

To enter, you’ll need to create a beat with TRIFREEZE’s free loop kits and submit your beat. The best entries will be judged live on stream by your favorite producers and YouTubers. More on that below.

What can I win?

TRIFREEZE killed it with the prize pool for this contest! Here are some of the prizes you can win:

  • Handclaps Beat Video Maker — the easiest software for making beat videos
  • Analog Lab V — a synth highly regarded by a lot of hip hop beat makers
  • FL Studio 20 Producer Edition — the favorite DAW of many hip hop producers
  • RC-20 — a vintage effect plugin that’s popular in the hip hop community
  • Addictive Keys: Studio Grand & Modern Upright — piano plugins
  • ShaperBox 2 – a filter automation plugin
  • Choir Essentials — a choir Kontakt Bank
  • Slate Digital All Access Pass — lots of plugins
  • BeatStars Pro Page Subscription & Merch Bundle — very popular website for selling beats
  • Jay Cactus The Drill Production Course & The Prick Drum Kit Vol. 4
  • ProdbyJack Analog Colours Sound Kit
  • Servida Music Capital Drum Kits Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • ProdbyHZE Analog Lab V Expansion Packs

What do I need to submit to win?

First, create a beat using one of TRIFREEZE’s free hip hop and R&B loop kits. Put in effort as you’ll be more likely to win if your beat is good.

You can submit a beat of any genre, but you can only submit one. After all, TRIFREEZE will get a lot of submissions and will need to be able to review them all.

Make sure you submit your beat before the deadline, i.e. before April 1st 2022, 11:59 PM EST.

How will my submission be judged?

There will be two voting rounds. The first round will take place off stream where each submitted beat will be prescreened and the best 30 beats will be selected.

After that, those 30 beats will enter the live judging round which will happen on TRIFREEZE’s stream on April 2nd 2022 at 11:30 AM EST.

Who will judge my submission?

TRIFREEZE’s team of judges includes only the best producers from the current hip hop scene:

  • TRIFREEZE — the man, the myth, the legend himself
  • ProdbyJack — an incredible producer who’s been dropping a lot of sauce in his Blueprint series
  • TB Digital — a billboard producer from the ProducerGrind Network
  • Zens — a music producer who is also part of the ProducerGrind Network

Be there for the stream on April 2nd!

What else do I need to do to enter?

Follow all sponsors on Instagram. The Handclaps Instagram @handclapsapp is one of them.

Full contest rules and submission details

The full contest rules are linked in the description of the YouTube video in which TRIFREEZE announced his contest. Here is the direct link to the contest details.

This blog post is only a summary provided by Handclaps. Refer to TRIFREEZE’s document for the definite rules. It’s his contest after all, not a Handclaps contest.

Good luck, everyone! 🙌

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