Handclaps 1.4.0: Customize your beat video font

Handclaps 1.4.0: Customize your beat video font

Add your own unique touch to your beat videos by customizing the title font. That is now possible in Handclaps 1.4.0.

Of course, changing the font is as easy and fast as Handclaps has always been!

Customize the font

In Handclaps 1.4.0, you can select from one of five font presets that come with Handclaps, or you can use your own custom fonts. Either way, you’ve got many opportunities to express yourself visually.

Here’s a video that shows the five font presets in action over a beat by DONE BEATS:

The new Design mode

You can customize the font via the Design mode that’s new in Handclaps 1.4.0.

It currently provides you with options to pick a font and a corresponding font style. The font style can be “Bold”, “Italic” or more, depending on what each font supports.

When hovering over a font in the font picker, you’ll even get a preview before you select it.

Handclaps remembers your design settings

Handclaps automatically remembers all choices that you make in the new Design mode. Even after you reopen it, Handclaps will still have your settings.

If you want, you can select your favorite font once and forget about it! Whenever you open Handclaps, you’ll be ready to pump out videos quickly.

Using your own custom fonts

Using custom fonts in your beat videos is really easy. Just install the fonts on your computer and restart Handclaps. The fonts will then show up in the font picker.

Personally, I really like Google Fonts and DaFont.com to find and download fonts.

Look at the font that cvlprit used in his beat video:

Further improvements and bug fixes

Handclaps 1.4.0 also contains a number of other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Handclaps now deals better with non-Latin text due to the font options.
  • The application looks and works better on high dpi monitors. A few bugs around the handling of high dpi monitors have been fixed.
  • Touchpad scrolling is smooth again on macOS 12 Monterey. It was a big jerky before.
  • A macOS bug was fixed where the main window would sometimes turn white after closing the “About” dialog.

Updated macOS system requirements

On Mac, macOS 10.14 or higher is now required to run Handclaps. The Windows system requirements remain unchanged.


I couldn’t have released Handclaps 1.4.0 without the help of a lot of people. 🙏

Thanks to everyone who suggested the font feature to me! Your feedback helped a lot. Let’s be real: this feature has been requested so often, it’s incredible. Thanks to every single one of you!

Big thanks also to these producers for testing a beta version of this update and giving feedback:

Last but not least, thanks to Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt for helping with parts of the font code!

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