Handclaps 1.5.0: Visualizer options & faster export

Handclaps 1.5.0: Visualizer options & faster export

With Handclaps 1.5.0 you can now customize the visualizer in your beat videos. Furthermore, rendering is now up to 2.5x faster so that you can upload more often and sell more beats.

The update also comes with a few bug fixes that will make your life easier.

Beat visualizer customization

Handclaps 1.5.0 comes with 6 different visualizers to choose from.

They are part of the design mode introduced with Handclaps 1.4.0. Simply select your favorite visualizer from a handy dropdown. It’s as easy as Handclaps has always been.

To show you what’s possible, here’s a type beat video by Smigz Beats:

Rendering is up to 2.5x faster

Your videos now render between 2x and 2.5x faster. The exact amount depends on your computer and the specific video that you render.

On my 2020 MacBook Pro, a 3:04 minute video that previously took 1:27 minutes to render now only takes 37 seconds. On my ten-year-old Windows computer, the same video renders in 1:04 minutes.

If uploading takes less time, you can upload more beats and thus you can sell more beats.

Further improvements and bug fixes

Handclaps 1.5.0 also contains the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • The file explorer now always opens in the foreground, as it should.
  • The export progress popup now opens on the correct screen if you have a multi-monitor setup.

Handclaps beat video rendering export progress popup


Thanks to every single one of you who requested options for visualizer customization! At this point, you are far too many people to list you all, but without your support we wouldn’t have this update today. Huge thanks! 🙏

Big thanks also to Smigz Beats for sending me a beat video that I could embed into this blog post.

I want to feature a few videos with the new visualizers on the Handclaps website. If you want your beat featured there, please email or DM me the link.

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