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  • Add visualizer customization options (thanks, everyone)
  • Increase video rendering speed by up to 2.5x
  • Fix file explorer sometimes opening in the background
  • Fix export progress popup sometimes opening on the wrong screen
  • Update hint about IG Reels maximum audio length


  • Add the ability to customize the font in your beat videos (thanks, everyone)
  • Add the ability to select from a number of font presets or use your own custom fonts
  • Adjust Handclaps to automatically remember your video design choices
  • Improve how Handclaps deals with non-Latin text
  • Improve the appearance of the application on high dpi monitors
  • Update the max. audio length hints (TikTok increased their max. video length to 10 minutes)
  • Fix jerky touchpad scrolling on macOS 12 Monterey
  • Fix a bug on macOS where closing the “About” dialog sometimes caused the main window to turn white
  • Bump the minimum required macOS version to 10.14


  • Stay up to date with Handclaps through in-app update notifications
  • Simplified Instagram video format selection
Read the full blog post: Handclaps 1.3.1: Update notifications


  • Improve the visualizer to be more fluid, reactive and balanced (thanks, psychedelya)
  • Refine the visualizer to react equally well to the bass and the trebles (thanks, LAYER, YS Please and Chris Porter)
  • Tune the visualizer to react better to quiet beats and quiet parts of beats (thanks, Oli Aveline)
  • Increase how much movement the visualizer shows in general
  • Fix a Windows audio bug where a scratch noise appeared in some beat videos (thanks, Funk Seoul Brother, Moldee Beats, yp chill, Mason Storm and DONE)
  • Fix a bug where Handclaps would look pixelated on high-resolution Macs
  • Add support for macOS 12 Monterey
  • Optimize Handclaps to start more quickly
  • Save disk space on macOS by reducing the application size by 62%


  • Improve audio quality of Instagram videos
  • Reduce impact of Instagram's audio processing on videos made with Handclaps
  • Reorder Instagram TV formats in the video format picker
  • Simplify the Windows download structure
  • Add in-app instructions on how to install updates (thanks, SlipperyHaze and Funk Seoul Brother)


  • Make the video format picker easier to use (thanks, Fury Beats, Jim and Funk Seoul Brother)
  • Add support for more post types: Instagram TV + landscape Instagram posts
  • Add support for AIFF and MP3 audio files (thanks, Chris Porter and YS Please)
  • Add support for Windows 11
  • Update hint about IG Reels maximum audio length
  • Fix font rendering bug (thanks, Moldee Beats)
  • Introduce subtle design changes


  • Add support for macOS! 🎉 (thanks, Live Large Beats and Chris Porter)
  • Fix bug that could cause videos to not include the background image
  • Fix bug where encoding could hang due to a malformatted audio file (thanks, Kaitlyn)
Read the full blog post: Handclaps now also on Mac


  • Add support for vertical video (Instagram Stories, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok) (thanks, Funk Seoul Brother)
  • Make file selection more convenient by opening file pickers at the locations of the last picked beat / image files (thanks, Funk Seoul Brother)
  • Warn if picked images have low resolutions
  • Redesign video type toggle


  • 🎉 Handclaps is out of beta! 🎉
  • Add End User License Agreement
Read the full blog post: Release of Handclaps 1.0.0

0.4.4 Beta

  • Fix video creation failure when the title included certain characters (thanks, YS Please)

0.4.3 Beta

  • Make it clearer where to find / obtain your license key

0.4.2 Beta

  • Fix bug that could cause video generation to fail (thanks, Funk Seoul Brother)
  • Fix bug that could cause videos to not include the background image
  • Fix bugs around window positioning

0.4.1 Beta

  • Fix layout bugs (thanks, Mark)

0.4.0 Alpha

  • Complete application redesign
  • Reduce duration of silence at the end of YouTube videos (thanks, M.Extraño)
  • Improve scaling on high dpi monitors

0.3.1 Alpha

0.3.0 Alpha

  • Add Instagram video support
  • Reduce font sizes of long video titles
  • Add license key system

0.2.2 Alpha

  • Make music visualization look better on phones
  • Make frequency spectrum more balanced (thanks, psychedelya)
  • Handle transparency in background images properly (thanks, WaZabi)

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